Our Story

At Aviation Soul, we live and breathe aviation. We are aviators ourselves, driven by a passion for flight and a desire to share that love with fellow enthusiasts. Our mission is simple: to celebrate the incredible world of aviation and honor those who make it possible. With our aviation challenge coins, we create a tangible symbol of your hard work and dedication.

From a young age, I gazed at the sky, dreaming of exploring what laid beyond. Witnessing a shuttle launch in Florida ignited a deep awe within me, fueling my unwavering attention whenever a plane flies overhead. A life-changing flight in a Cessna 182 with my previous boss, now co-founder, made me realize that my love for space was rooted in aviation and my dream of getting closer to the skies was within reach. Shortly after, I embarked on my flight training journey and founded Aviation Soul.

Aviation Soul was inspired by my father, a retired Navy Senior Chief, who carried a coin symbolizing his years of loyal service. He had many coins throughout his career that celebrated various honors or moments in his U.S. Navy journey. Because of my aviation journey, I understand the immense effort required to become a pilot and believe every solo, certificate, rating, and endorsement deserves celebration. I have experienced the significance challenge coins can have in celebrating your accomplishments and recognize the power of these coins in fostering pride and camaraderie.

Knowing that family members purchase these coins for their loved ones and witnessing instructors presenting our coins to newly soloed students or newly certified pilots fills my heart with joy. I envision the recipient cherishing these coins for years to come, evoking powerful memories and emotions from those remarkable moments.

Aviation Soul isn't just a name; it's our way of thinking and living. Our challenge coins carry the soul of aviation, the dedication of pilots, and the thrill of reaching new heights. Each coin is a symbol of achievement, camaraderie, and pride. Join us on this soaring adventure, where Aviation meets Soul!

Thank you for supporting our small business and helping us further our mission. Together, we can celebrate achievements, connect aviators, and inspire the next generation of pilots.

     Very Respectfully,

     Alan R. Johnson