What Are Aviation Challenge Coins?


My name is Alan, founder of Aviation Soul. Our mission is to promote and share aviation by celebrating aviators and people who make up the amazing world of aviation. We are here to provide quality products that instill pride and a sense of membership, and our aviation challenge coins do this by commemorating achievements and hard work.

My Dad, a retired Navy Senior Chief, has always carried a challenge coin. The one he carries today is a testament to his many years of loyal service in the “World’s Finest US Navy” and working his way up to a Senior Chief Petty Officer. Being a Chief was a big deal, and my Dad wore those gold chevrons proudly. The military does just that, they instill a deep sense of pride and camaraderie in their troops. Many branches use challenge coins as a way to celebrate military achievements and create social bonds amongst service members.

I created our aviation challenge coins with all of this in mind. Understanding now what it takes to become a pilot, I believe that the accomplishments along the way should be celebrated. Each solo, certificate, endorsement, and rating is hard-earned and should be worn proudly! Each coin is a way to create camaraderie and connect with fellow aviators.

Nothing warms our heart more than seeing a picture of an instructor presenting one of our coins to a newly minted solo student or pilot certificate holder. We know that years later they will be able to look at the coin and smile, all the feelings and emotions of that moment rushing back.

Aviation Soul is not just the name of our company, it’s the way we think and live. We’ve got “Soul”. Do you?

Thank you for supporting our small business and helping us to further our mission!


Alan R. Johnson
Aviation Soul, LLC